Saturday, 14 April 2012

another coursework... "enjoy the task =D"

"weekend yg d ragut!" perkataan yg paling sesuai... another task should be settle down... but it's ok i'm fine with that =)


dapat breakfirst nasi lomak dulu d cinta sayang... haha kalalu xda site alamat breakfirst pukul 10 , 11 la..=.='   
then dah puas melantak (makan) ktorg memulakan operasi utk menyetelkan task dengan pulunnya haha... task for today dah di divided into 2 group, 1 group for levelling and another group will collect detail for features nearest point yang dah ktorg buat before this..

this some of classmate yg rajin2 turun =D

one of the activity on site period is snap snap and snap! :P

2 men there so excited to start observe haha :p

the levelling covered length about 976.55m. steady bro! 

komunis sesat tgh setting nk tembak..! owh nooooo.......

guess what i'm doing while the komunis is getting cruel?? haha i'm smilling with the small alien  UFO=D 
(that cute UFO we call leica gps instrument la hihi.. the purpose for features data collection)

ok now i'm getting serious... "sgt"---> acting like izara lah pulek hik3

 ow... i'm feel so heaven here haha :D

because of our site is nearest stadium.. so i'm doing some "rubbish" photoshoot there with title "proud to be here..." =)

ow.. what a wonderful day, i got kisses Labuan form "senior" erk shy2 cat nk terima... =.="

ok last but not least... TQ for the kisses... sangat sedap! =)



  1. panjang la skit fewittt 2 hahha! :D

  2. Congratulation!! Hope U are happy with your new couple...:p

  3. Sory2, just forget what I have said.. Good luck in realize your ambition and dreams...:p